The Department of Human Services includes four Divisions: Meadowview Nursing Home, Support Services, Public Health and Intergenerational Services. The Office of the Department Head is located in Meadowview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.
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Department of Human Services

Aging Services

  • ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES - Designed to protect frail and vulnerable people age 18 and older who are risk of abuse, neglect, or exploitation. Call 1 (888) 426-9243 (in-county) or (609) 645-5965 (out-of-county).
  • ADULT VACCINATIONS - In addition to seasonal flu shots, the Division of Public Health provides the following vaccinations for adults 50 years and older at no charge for residents without insurance and those whose insurance does not cover these vaccines.
  • BOARDING HOME AND HEALTH CARE FACILITY RESIDENT SERVICES (Board and Care Unit) Placement, social and protective services for residents in boarding homes and licensed health care facilities.
  • COMMUNITY MEDIATION SERVICES - Mediation is a process in which two or more disputing parties discuss their viewpoints face-to-face in the presence of a mediator to resolve conflicts peacefully and appropriately.
  • DENTAL SERVICES - The John Cronin Dental Center offers general dentistry to low income families and senior citizens over the age of 60, having no dental insurance and based on a sliding scale payment fee. Appointments are necessary and proof of income is required. Medicaid is accepted. Open to Atlantic County residents only. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  For appointments and information, phone (609) 645-5814.
  • FIX-IT - The Fix-It Program is available to any senior citizen 60 or older, whose safety is at risk due to the need of handrails and minor home repairs, enabling them to remain living at home. Call 1-888-426-9243
  • HOME CARE SERVICES - The Office of Home Care provides case management and outreach services to eligible individuals seeking to remain in the community rather than live in a long-term care facility through the use of specific home and community based services and informal supports. 1-888-426-9243
  • INTERGENERATIONAL SERVICES - addresses the needs of youth, families, disabled and senior citizens.
  • MAINTAINING NURSING HOME ELIGIBLE INDIVIDUALS IN THE COMMUNITY (Model Waiver Program) Case management services. All Medicaid services are offered, including private duty nursing services, when appropriate. Call 1-888-426-9243
  • NJHELPS - a free, easy and private way for you to prescreen for 8 programs that are available to help you and your family.
  • NURSING HOME SERVICES - Meadowview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
  • NUTRITION PROJECT FOR THE ELDERLY - The Nutrition Project for the Elderly offers two components: Senior Centers and Home Delivered Meals.
  • SENIOR SERVICES - addresses the needs of senior citizens.
  • SENIOR HEALTH - National Institute of Health site featuring Health resources for Older Adults.
  • TRANSPORTATION - This service provides transportation to senior citizens, the disabled and rural residents of Atlantic County
  • VETERANS CEMETERY - The Atlantic County Veteran's cemetery was officially dedicated in May of 1985 and serves as a final resting place for eligible veterans of the United States Armed Forces and their spouses.
  • VETERANS SERVICES - Visit this page for for news, information and services for Veterans in Atlantic County or to contact the Veterans Services Officer.
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