Ensures that Atlantic County continues to grow in an orderly and planned way while maintaining the County's unique quality of life.
P.O. Box 719
New Jersey
United States
+1 (609) 645-5898
+1 (609) 645-5898

Department of Regional Planning and Development

Office of Policy, Planning and Development (OPPD)

The Office of Policy, Planning and Development (OPPD) serves to coordinate the various functions of the Department and in large part develops the overall agenda in terms of short- and long-range planning for infrastructure, open space and land development within the County.

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Division of Engineering

Division of Engineering plans, designs, inspects and administers all construction contracts relating to county roads, bridges, traffic signals and related infrastructure. The division has a land surveying section that prepares surveys as required for county properties.

Download the Division of Engineering transportation feature data layer for use with your own GIS

Office of Land Acquisition

The Office of Land Acquisition implements the recommendations of the Atlantic County Open Space and Recreation Plan, October 2000. Through the acquisition of real property and easements, the Office ensures sufficient lands are set aside for open space, recreation, and farmland preservation purposes. Through the establishment of the County/Municipal Open Space Partnership Program, County Government has enabled the County's 23 municipalities to choose the Open Space projects of their choice and to fund those projects utilizing a portion of the Open Space Trust funds.

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Office of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Atlantic County Office of Geographic Information Systems provides both interactive and static maps of Atlantic County through this page. Using the GIS Web Map Viewer allows you to select and control a wide variety of viewable data through this mapping function. Static maps are GIS based PDF files which have been pre-structured for specific views.

Atlantic County GIS Services are provided in conjunction with the New Jersey Geographic Information Network.

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