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Social Media

Twitter X (Formerly Twitter)

Atlantic County posts all of its emergency alerts, press releases and county event notices to our X account.  It is a fast, easy way to stay informed.

Visit our X site: Registered X users click the "Follow" button to get Atlantic County posts to show in your X feed. You can also set your X acount preferences to receive notifications via X when Atlantic County posts.

The Atlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness is also on X:

Email Subscriptions Email Subscriptions

Sign up to receive email notifications on various topics when new information is posted on the Atlantic County Web Site. Topics include events, newsletters, publications and reports, notices and advisories, press releases and special presentations. Click "Subscribe Now" to go to the registration page.

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Available RSS Feeds RSS Feed

RSS (the most common translation is now "Really Simple Syndication") is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works in a standardized format.

The links below direct to an Atlantic County RSS Feed web page on a specific topic.

Emergency Alert Feed

Events Feed

Press Releases

Traffic Advisories

Most common Internet browsers and client side email programs have RSS readers built in to them. Once you subscribe to the feed they can allow you to view the RSS feed content.

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