List of County Press Releases.
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Atlantic City
New Jersey
United States
+1 (609) 343-2313

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Call County Offices Toll Free

Atlantic City Area: (609) 345-6700
Mays Landing Area: (609) 645-7700 or
(609) 625-7000
Milmay Area: (609) 476-2274
Northfield Area: (609) 645-7700

County Hotlines

Illegal Dumping Hotline – 609-383-9098
Road Hazard Hotline: 1-609-645-5876
Intergenerational Services:
1-888-426-9243 (in-county) or
(609) 645-5965 (out-of-county)
JOBS Connection Hotline: 1-877-860-5627
Mosquito Control: 1-877-643-2287
Ocean Water Quality (seasonal): 1-800-633-7946
Public Assistance Fraud: 1-800-372-8305

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