Sharing equipment, services and manpower can be an effective tool in delivering and expanding services the public requires in a cost-effective manner.
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Shared Services

Do more with less is a common theme in managing government services in today’s challenging times. Sharing equipment, services and manpower can be an effective tool in delivering and expanding services  the public requires in a cost-effective manner.

Atlantic County and its two public authorities (Atlantic County Utilities Authority and the Atlantic County Improvement Authority) are committed to providing the resources to help municipalities deliver these services and currently participate in more than 320 shared service agreements. There are numerous additional agreements among municipalities.

The state Legislature passed a bill in 2020 requiring each county to appoint a shared services coordinator to facilitate shared service agreements between local governments. The bill provides grants to cover the salaries of the county coordinators and funding for approved projects.

The Atlantic County Shared Services Coordinator will continue to partner with the municipalities to explore, develop and implement new and creative services to reduce duplication and promote greater efficiencies and cost savings for our taxpayers.

Local Efficiency Achievement Program

Challenge Grant Guidelines (2022)
Challenge Grant Application (2022)
Implementation Grant Guidelines (2022)
Implementation Grant Application (2022)
School District Consolidation Study Implementation Grant (2022)

Sample Documents

Sample Shared Services Resolutions and Agreements
Sample Coop Purchasing Agreement

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