The Department of Administrative Services includes the Divisions of Human Resources, Information Technologies, Budget and Purchasing and the Office of Veteran's Services.
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Department of Administrative Services

The Department of Administrative Services includes the Divisions of Human Resources, Information Technologies, Budget and Purchasing and the Office of Veterans Services.

The Department also offers grant research to identify funding sources to support county government initiatives and programs. The Department also assists County Administration in the development of the Commissioners package with the list of action items for each meeting.

Division of Budget & Purchasing

Budget and Purchasing provides technical assistance in the development of the annual county budget as well as budget maintenance activities on a day to day basis. The Purchasing Unit processes all departmental purchase requests and ensures compliance with state contracting guidelines. It is the goal of this office to continue to have budget and purchasing staff work together to identify potential cost containment areas and assist departments with maximizing the use of their appropriations.

Division of Human Resources

The Division of Human Resources consists of Personnel, Health Benefits, and Training. Personnel maintains County personnel policies and procedures and personnel transactions. It is involved in the recruitment and placement of employees for all units of county government. The Benefits office is responsible for working with Personnel on compensation and other benefit offerings, as well as management of the health benefits budget. The Training Unit identifies areas of training needs and either brings trainers in or the Division works to create an in-house program to assist in keeping our work force trained on task specific areas as well as job related issues.

Office of Equal Opportunity

The Office of Equal Opportunity monitors county government for compliance with appropriate laws and guidelines regarding equal opportunity and nondiscrimination. This Office provides direct service to the citizens of our county through its effective oversight of these sensitive issues.

Division of Information Technologies

The Division of Information Technologies consists of Management Information Systems (MIS), Telecommunications, Records Management, Quick Copy, Printing and Mailroom. MIS maintains a wide area network which encompasses over 1,000 users and connects the New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts network. Telecommunications assists MIS by managing various communication systems that allow voice and data transmissions. Telecommunications also provides switchboard services for all county offices and the court vicinage. Quick Copy produces various print and presentation materials for County Departments through copier or offset press services as well as supplying graphic work as needed. The mailroom is responsible for U.S. mail for both the County Office Building and the Civil Court, bundling courier mail and sorting and delivering mail in the County Office Building.

Records Management

Records Management is responsible for maintaining the county's archival and daily operational records in compliance with state rules and regulations. This unit manages a 7,099 square foot building that stores all archived materials except for historical items and plans. In addition to full utilization of this center, the Unit works with other departments to manage their records in the most efficient and economical manner.

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