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Youth Detention - Harborfields

Youth Detention - Harborfields

Program Description

Harborfields operates under the auspices of the County of Atlantic, Department of Public Safety and is managed, under contract, by the State of New Jersey, Department of Law and Public Safety, Juvenile Justice Commission. Harborfields is located on Buffalo Avenue and Duerer Street in the City of Egg Harbor, New Jersey. The Program serves male and female juveniles between the ages of 12 and 18 awaiting court review for disposition, trial or other court action. The facility has 8 secure beds for females and 19 secure beds for males.

Policy, Information, Reports, and Complaint Forms

Mission Statement

Harborfields provides a secure, safe, clean and healthy environment for court-detained youth. The dedicated staff of Harborfields are consistent, tolerant individuals who work as team players. Leading by example, the staff is able to provide to difficult youth much needed self-discipline, respect for self and others and personal responsibility.

Through education and rehabilitation, emotional support, stability and structure, the youth at Harborfields are dealt with as individuals. At Harborfields the program prepares its youth to reenter the community or to enter into Juvenile Justice Commission programs.

With the use of effective treatment methods, Harborfields is making a difference in the lives of youth.

Program Goals

Harborfields meets the needs of the community as a secure facility for juveniles who have been deemed unsuitable for release pending court appearance. Harborfields also works to stabilize juveniles by structuring their day with educational activities.

Primary Services

  • Counseling Component - Guided Group Interaction is conducted daily by two staff for approximately 1 hour per session. Individual Counseling is provided as needed by staff social workers.

  • Academic Education, Special Education and GED preparation are provided by the Atlantic County Special Services School District with the expectation that youth will return to the regional public school or transitional school.

  • Drug and Alcohol Counseling as well as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous sessions are provided through the County Youth Services Commission, as needed.

  • Recreation and Athletics are conducted in the facility gymnasium by the Physical Education Teacher provided by the Atlantic County Special Services School District.

  • Sex Education and Parenting classes are provided by an on-site Program Specialist.

  • Community involvement is maintained through special events which include speakers such as the Mayors of Atlantic City and Egg Harbor, members of the police department, and people from other walks of life.

  • In House Detention Program - The facility manages a 10 slot program which places youth on house arrest under the shared supervision of parents and detention officers. The intention is to have the youth continue in usual community activities pending court appearance.

Admission Criteria

Upon arrest, a juvenile must be seen by Juvenile Intake for determination of detain-able offense which would result in the youth being remanded to Harborfields.

Parent Handbook (updated 2/16/22)

Visiting Hours

11AM to 1PM for Female Residents
1PM to 3PM for Male Residents

6PM to 7PM for Female Residents
7pm to 8pm  for Male residents

Visitation Requirements:

  • No one under the age 15 unless sibling or child of resident
  • All visitors must be on the resident’s approved visiting list
  • All visitors must have photo ID
  • Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and must have written parental consent to visit.
  • No former residents are permitted to visit unless they are the parent or guardian of the resident

Parent Handbook (updated 2/16/22)

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