The Executive Office includes the function of County Administrator. The Internal Auditor, Treasurer's Office, Capital Planning, all County Departments, and the County Library System report directly to the County Administrator's office.
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Atlantic City
New Jersey
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Department of Executive and Administrator

The Executive Office includes the function of County Administrator, the Internal Auditor, the Public Information Officer, Treasurer's Office and Capital Planning. All county departments, and the County Library System report directly to the County Administrator's office. The Executive Office fulfills all duties required under the Charter Form of Government and all state statutes. To contact the County Executive or the County Administrator please click on "Contact and Address Information" on this page.

Division of Facilities Management

The Administrator's Office supervises the Division of Facilities Management.

Division of Library Services

The mission of the Atlantic County Library System is to offer informational and recreational materials which will educate, enlighten, and enrich the lives of area residents.

The Library System's ten branches, Books-by-Mail program, and Buena Community Reading Center provide access to materials in a variety of formats to appeal to a diverse population with a wide range of interests and needs.

Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs

The Atlantic County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs develops countywide programs and promotes public interest in local and county history, in the arts, and in the cultural traditions of the community.

Office of Internal Audit

Capital Planning & Property Management

Office of the Treasurer

The Office of the Treasurer is the central finance center for all county departments and operations. This Office is responsible for receipt, collection, deposit, disbursement and investment of all funds. As the central finance office it develops, controls and reviews accounting functions for each department. These activities are supported by a Central Accounts Payable Unit and a Grants Unit.

The Accounts Payable Unit is responsible for reviewing and auditing all county requests for payment and disbursing weekly checks to vendors. The Grants Unit reviews and monitors all county grant activities to ensure program compliance, proper charges and receipt of funds.

In addition, this office maintains a central payroll system and disburses biweekly payroll checks to all county personnel. The office aggressively pursues technology upgrades to provide a seamless management information system.

Office of Communications

The Office of Communications serves as the central source of county information for its employees, the general public and the media. Its goal is to effectively communicate and promote awareness of county programs and services available to residents, businesses and visitors. The office is responsible for a number of county communication functions such as web services, media relations, public information activities, emergency response communications, graphic coordination and special events planning.

Office of Veterans Services

The Office of Veterans Services works closely with other veteran and human service agencies to provide assistance, referrals and case management for military veterans and their family members regarding legal rights and eligibility benefits. The office currently manages 400 active files and has been successful in obtaining claim benefits for county veterans in excess of $4 million.

Shared Services

The Atlantic County Shared Services Coordinator will continue to partner with the municipalities to explore, develop and implement new and creative services to reduce duplication and promote greater efficiencies and cost savings for our taxpayers.

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