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Monday, March 18, 2024

Primary Party Affiliation Change Deadline - April 10, 2024

The Office of the Superintendent of Elections reminds affiliated voters who want to change their party that they must do so by Wednesday, April 10 in order to participate in the June 4 primary election.

“If you are affiliated with any recognized New Jersey party (Democratic, Republican, Green Party, etc.) and wish to change your affiliation to either Republican or Democratic in order to vote in the June 4 primary election, there is indeed a deadline,” says Superintendent Maureen Bugdon.  “Your declaration to a new party must occur by that date in order to participate in the election.”

“It can get confusing,” Bugdon continues, “because while April 10 is the deadline to switch affiliations, it does not apply for voters who are Unaffiliated (previously termed ‘Independent’).  Unaffiliated voters can declare themselves Republican or Democratic right up to, and even at, the polling sites during Early Voting or on Election Day itself.” 

For those voting by mail, a new law also applies:  Any Unaffiliated voter, who has opted to receive a vote-by-mail ballot for all future elections, or for the June 4 primary election, must declare their party by Tuesday, May 28, in order to receive a vote-by-mail ballot through the United States mail. 

If you are unsure of your party affiliation or voter registration status, Bugdon urges voters to call her office at 609.645.5882, where election officials are on hand to assist. 

Deputy Superintendent of Elections Audrey Miles says, “With the New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles also participating in voter registration, you may have changed your affiliation inadvertently.  Our office has received calls from voters who meant to select Republican but chose ‘Conservative’ on the MVC touchpad, or others intending to declare themselves Democratic and in their hurry affiliated to the Green Party or some other,” she stated.  “There’s still time to correct any previous errors,” Miles says.  “This is considered a ‘change’ to your party, so please re-affiliate correctly by Wednesday, April 10.” 

The Office of the Superintendent of Elections wants voters to know that party affiliation changes are quick and simple.  Voters can: 

                • Update their party online at (click on Register to Vote);

                • Request that a Party Declaration Form via mail (by calling 609.645.5882);

                • Update their party affiliation by completing a Voter Registration form and indicating their chosen                                               party therein. 

“When in doubt, reach out!” remarks Superintendent Bugdon.  “Our office wants to ensure everyone has the right to vote in Atlantic County’s elections.  Call us at 609.645.5882 and we’ll help ensure your record is correct and your voting experience is a positive one.”


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