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Monday, February 26, 2024

Atlantic County Awarded $1.18 Million for Brigantine Promenade Repairs and Improvements

Atlantic County was recently awarded a $1.18 million grant from the state’s Boardwalk Preservation Fund that will be used for repairs and improvements to Brigantine’s Promenade.

The Promenade was constructed in 1995 to protect the north end of Brigantine from severe weather damage and to provide residents and visitors with scenic recreational opportunities. Atlantic County maintains the structure and applied for the grant in cooperation with the City of Brigantine.

“The Promenade serves as Brigantine’s boardwalk, overlooking pristine sandy beaches and the Atlantic Ocean,” stated Dennis Levinson, Atlantic County Executive. “It is a well-used amenity that we want to continue to be enjoyed.”

Over the last two years the county has been working closely with Brigantine Mayor Vince Sera and 2nd Ward Councilman Paul Lettieri to make necessary repairs and replacements along the Promenade.

"With this funding, we will be able to safeguard the legacy of the Brigantine Promenade as a treasured gathering space for families and friends for many years to come," said Sera.

"The $1.18 million grant signifies a significant investment in Brigantine's future," added Lettieri.

The grant funds, made possible through federal funding from the American Rescue Plan, will be used to repair broken, chipped or missing sheeting; install code-compliant handrails, LED light poles, ADA-compliant access ramps and railings; replace missing benches; and provide additional jetty stone as necessary to deter any future storm damage.

Mayor Sera expressed his gratitude to Levinson and recognized the county executive’s pivotal contribution to the Promenade’s revitalization efforts.

“His steadfast support and tireless efforts played a crucial role in securing this  essential funding.”

As required by the grant, repairs and improvements must be completed by 2026.




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