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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

County Provides Post-Flood Information and Online Damage Report

Atlantic County residents serviced by well water who live in areas affected by flooding from the March 12-15 storm should be aware that their water supply may have been compromised.

The Atlantic County Division of Public Health recommends that these residents use bottled water for cooking and drinking or disinfect their water prior to consumption, especially if flood waters rose above the well head. Impacted homeowners should continue to disinfect their well water until their well is tested for the presence of bacteria. Testing can be arranged through the Atlantic County Division of Public Health at 609-645-5971 or by a private certified environmental laboratory.

Residents who have incurred any type of damage to their homes and/or properties from the March 12-15 storm are asked to report the type and extent of damages to their municipal emergency management offices so that data can be collected and forwarded to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to determine the level of federal and state assistance to be provided to our area.

Residents can go to the county Web site at to complete a brief damage report online and to find a list of contact numbers for their local emergency management offices should they prefer to report their damage by phone.

The county Web site also contains flood-related informational brochures that address flood cleanup, sanitation and hygiene, and septic system and well water concerns, among other topics. Many of these brochures will also be available at municipal town halls on or before Friday, March 19.

Click here to view and print informational brochures.

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