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Notice of Probate/Proof of Mailing

As Executor/Executrix and/or Administrator/Administratrix of the Decedent you are responsible to notify in writing all Beneficiaries and all Next of Kin that a Will has been probated. (This does include all immediate Next of Kin even if they are not named as Beneficiaries in the Will.)

This action must be taken within 60 Days from the date of Probate.

Notice of Probate·

  • Fill out the Notice of Probate form.
  • Make sure to list all the names and addresses of the Beneficiaries and Next of Kin in the appropriate space.
  • The Notice of Probate, attached hereto, contains a statement that a copy of the Last Will and Testament will be provided to all the Beneficiaries and all the Next of Kin upon request. You also have the option of forwarding them a copy of the Will.
  • Make a copy of the Notice of Probate for all the Beneficiaries and all the Next of Kin of the Decedent.
  • Mail or hand deliver the copy of the Notice of Probate to all the Beneficiaries and all the Next of Kin of the Decedent. This does not need to be sent by certified mail.

Proof of Mailing·

  • Fill out the Proof of Mailing form after you have mailed the Notice of Probate to all the Beneficiaries and all the Next of Kin of the Decedent a copy of the Notice of Probate.

Filing Notice of Probate/Proof of Mailing with Surrogate’s Office·

  • Send the original Notice of Probate and the original Proof of Mailing to our office within 10 days of the mailing.

Atlantic County Surrogate
1201 Bacharach Blvd.
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Atlantic County Surrogate
5911 Main St.
Mays Landing, NJ 08330

  • Include a check for $10.00 made payable to the “Atlantic County Surrogate” for our filing fee.

Note: If a Beneficiary or Next of Kin under the Will does not have a known address, the Notice of Probate described above must be published in a newspaper of general circulation in the county, such as The Atlantic City Press naming or identifying those persons as having a possible interest of the probate estate.

Note: Should a charity be mentioned in the Will you must also notify the Attorney General’s Office at:
NJ Attorney General’s Office
Attn: Charitable Trust Section
Hughes Justice Complex – CN 112
Trenton, NJ 08625

Warning: This memo is not intended as a comprehensive list of the rights, duties and obligations of an Executor/Executrix and /or Personal Representative of the Decedent whose Will is being probated and is only provided to you as a courtesy by the Atlantic County Surrogate’s office.

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