The duties and responsibilities of the Atlantic County Superintendent of Elections and Commissioner of Elections are extensive and wide ranging.
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Superintendent of Elections

Voter Information (Notice to Voters)

First-Time Registrants By Mail Identification Requirements

  1. If you registered to vote by mail in this county after january 1, 2003, and never voted in a federal election in the county you were required to provide identification.
    If you have not provided the identification or the identification could not be verified.
    You may be required to show the board workers identification today.
  2. An identifying document may include, but not limited to:
    Any valid and current photo id, driver's license, u.s. passport, student or job id, store membership card, military or other government id,
    paycheck, utility bill, rent receipt, bank statement, a government document with your name and address.
    If you do not show the board workers any identification you cannot vote in the voting machine. You must vote with provisional paper ballot.

Voter Information

    If your complete voter registration information is in the poll book you can vote in the voting machine.
    If you are blind, physically disabled or cannot read the ballot on the machine, you will be allowed to have someone of your choice in the voting machine to assist you. BUT under federal law, you cannot get assistance from a representative of your employer or union for federal elections.
    If you are alone and are entitled to assistance, two board members of opposite political parties may help you. You have the right to have both workers assist you or one worker. It Is Your Choice.
    The district board workers must first fill out a disability certificate for you before you go into the voting machine.
    If your right to vote is challenged, the board workers may ask you for identification and you must sign an affidavit. The challenger must also put the challenge in writing and sign the affidavit.
    If the board workers reject the challenge or there is a tie vote on the challenge, you have the right to vote in the voting machine.
    If the board accepts the challenge, you may not vote but you have the right to go to a Superior Court Judge to get a court order to vote. The board workers must tell you where to go to see the Judge.
    If you are in line to vote after the polls have closed - You must be allowed to vote. The Board workers cannot turn you away.
    You may be asked by a member of the press about your voting when you are leaving the polling place. You do not have to answer any questions. It Is Your Choice.
    Electioneering - It is a crime under state law to electioneer within 100 feet from the outside entrance to the polling place up to and including the polling room.
    There can be no campaign signs or material in this area and no one can campaign on behalf of a political party of any candidate or public question to be voted upon.
    Fraudulent - It is a crime under federal and state law to attempt to vote or vote knowing you are not entitled to vote or to provide false information when registering to vote or voting.
    You are not permitted to vote more than once in an election.
    Conspiracy - It is a crime to conspire to deprive voters of a fair election.
    There are complaint forms available in the polling place if you have any problems. You may obtain one from the district board of elections.
    Call 1-877-NJVOTER (1-877-658-6837) for further assistance or inquires.

Provisional Ballot Voting

You Must Vote by Provisional Ballot if:

  1. You are a registered voter in the county who moved and did not notify the county commissioner of registration before election day of your current address. Therefore, your registration information is not in the poll book; or,
  2. Your registration information is not complete in the poll book. For example, your signature or address is missing,
  3. You are a first-registrant by mail after January 1, 2003 who has not provided required identification information.


  1. The board worker will give you a paper ballot and an envelope.
  2. To vote the ballot. The board worker must provide you with a place to vote in private.
  3. Place the voted ballot in the envelope and seal it.
  4. Complete the "Affirmation Statement" that is attached to the envelope.
  5. Give the envelope to the board worker.
  6. Watch the board member put the envelope in the orange provisional ballot nylon bag.

No provisional ballot is counted at the polling place. All these ballots are taken to the county commissioner of registration's office after the closing of the polls for verification and counting by the county board of election.

After the election, you can call 1-877-NJVOTER (1-877-658-6837) to find out if your ballot was counted. If you ballot was not counted, you can find out why it was rejected.

Challenger Rights and Limits

Challengers Can:

  1. Challenge a voter if the challenger believes the voter is not qualified to vote.
    In order to vote a person must be:
    a United States citizen
    18 years of age or older
    a resident of the county for at least 30 days before the election
    registered to vote.

A person on probation or parole for a felony conviction can not vote.

Challenger Must Sign an Affidavit Stating the Reason for the Challenge

Challengers Can Not:

  1. Challenge a voter for any of the following reasons:
    A. They think they know how the voter is going to vote.
    B. The race or ethnic origin of the voter.
    C. The actual residence of the voter.

Challengers Also Can Not:

  1. Sit with the district board workers or touch the election materials.
  2. Go to the voting machine during the voting hours.
  3. Challenge the voter directly. Only the district board can ask the voter questions.
  4. Wear any campaign buttons, signs or wear any campaign clothing in the polling room or within 100 feet from the outside entrance of the polling place.
  5. Harass or intimidate any voters; or cause any disturbance in the polling place.
  6. Use the challenge process for any voter who is required by the district board of election to affirm his or her residence or show identification as a first-time registrant by mail.

If any challenger bothers you please tell a district board worker immediately.

You may also contact the county board of elections office at: (609) 343-2243

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