The duties and responsibilities of the Atlantic County Superintendent of Elections and Commissioner of Elections are extensive and wide ranging.
1333 Atlantic Ave. 4th Floor
Atlantic City
New Jersey
United States
+1 (609) 343-2246
+1 (609) 343-2240

Stigma Free Atlantic Collaborative

The Stigma Free Atlantic Collaborative is a countywide effort that aims to reduce the negative beliefs associated with mental health and substance use disorders. This initiative is dedicated to raising awareness around mental health and substance use disorders so residents feel supported by their community and feel free to seek treatment for the disorders without fear of discrimination. These tool kits are guide books with relevant information that highlight key components of a campaign to eliminate stigma. We hope you will use them and join the Stigma Free Atlantic Collaborative.

Tool Kits

Stigma Free Atlantic Collaborative
Networking/Launch Breakfast
October 4, 2022

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