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Atlantic County Alliance

Helping Communities Combat Substance Abuse Since 1990

In Atlantic County there are 18 Municipal Alliances representing 22 of our 23 communities. We have a 95% participation rate, which is higher than the state average. Corbin City is the only local municipality that does not participate because it lacks both a school and a police department, through which most alliance grant programs are coordinated. There are over 530 Municipal Alliances in the state of New Jersey.

The County Alliance provides support to the local Municipal Alliances and oversees their activities. Established in 1990, the Municipal Alliances are community based committees which address their own community's substance abuse needs and problems through prevention education programming.

Funding for the Alliance program is provided through the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse via the distribution of DEDR funds, which are fines collected from persons convicted of a drug related offense. Each Municipal Alliance must match its grant with 25% cash and 75% in-kind monies. Grants in Atlantic County are generally small, with base grants ranging from $7,780.00 to $28,695.00. Atlantic County receives a base grant of $314,500 each year during the current funding cycle for prevention programming. The grant allows for $60,000 of these funds to be used for coordination and $14,041 for countywide programming.  The remaining funds are distributed to the 18 local Municipal Alliances.  The Atlantic County Alliance includes representatives of the: Local Advisory Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Atlantic County Human Services Advisory Council, Atlantic County Superintendent of Schools Office, Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office, Youth Services Commission, Atlantic County School Board Association, Atlantic County health agencies, Atlantic County mental health agencies, the New Jersey Education Association, Family Part of the Chancery Division of Family Court, and local business and service providers.

Board Meeting Dates
County Alliance Programs
Municipal Alliance Programs
Municipal Alliance Coordinators
Atlantic County Alliance - County Alliance Steering Committee (CASS)

For more information on the Atlantic County Alliance, contact Charles Kerley, County Alliance Coordinator, (609) 645-7000, extension 4703.

County Alliance Programs

The Atlantic County Alliance conducts countywide programs to assist and support the Municipal Alliances. These programs include:

Aliance Members training and Community Relations

Provide substance abuse prevention education opportunities for all County and Municipal Alliance members through meetings or workshops on specific drug and alcohol abuse prevention subjects. Support the Municipal Alliances through attendance at countywide community events or specific municipal events. Provide and/or distribute brochures and prevention education materials upon request.

Volunteer Recognition

Conduct an annual Volunteer Recognition event, during which a volunteer from each Municipal Alliance is recognized for their exemplary service to their own community and a keynote speaker provides a presentation on Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention.

Naloxone Training

Naloxone Training, “Just In Case” Awareness Campaign.  Residents can receive Free training and Naloxone Opioid Overdose Kits to save a life of a loved one at risk of Heroine or Opioid overdose. Contact 609-645-5932 Ext 4703 for training dates and locations.

Municipal Alliance Programs

The role of each Municipal Alliance is to develop and provide drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs which meet their community's particular needs. Some of the most common programs among the Municipal Alliances are:

DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) or Related Police Programs

Uniformed police officers provide twelve to sixteen weeks of structured drug abuse prevention education programming to different grade levels. Fourteen (14) Municipal Alliances representing sixteen (16) communities provide funding to DARE or other related police programs.

Project Prom or Project Graduation

Municipal Alliance members, school organizations and volunteers stage all night events after the prom or graduation which offer a safe and substance free alternative for participants. Nine (9) Municipal Alliances representing eleven (11) communities provide funding to Project Prom or Project Graduation.

Peer Leadership / Support / Mediation

School based programs train students to develop leadership, support or mediation skills and goal oriented behavior. Peer leaders or mediators become role models and helpers to other students. Seven (7) Municipal Alliances representing seven (7) communities provide funding to these programs.

Forest friends or Babes

Research based school approved programs for younger children. Trained teachers or presenters utilize puppets to teach self esteem skills, as well as skills necessary to resist peer pressure. Eight (8) of our Municipal Alliances, representing nine (9) communities, provide funding for Forest Friends or BABES.

Intergenerational Programs

Small group activities for senior citizens, students and peer leaders are conducted to foster relationships between older and younger segments of the community. These programs encourage communication, cooperation and acceptance. More specific programming, such as Prescription Medication Abuse, is also provided directly to senior groups. Six (6) Municipal Alliance representing eight (8) communities provide funding for these types of programs.

Municipal Alliance Coordinators

  • Chief John DeRitis, Absecon
  • John Livsey, Brigantine
  • Gia Haws, Buena, BVT, Weymouth Twp.
  • Jessica Rifice, Egg Harbor City
  • Dana Danz,Egg Harbor Twp.
  • Sandi Kaiser, Folsom
  • Kathy Weber, Galloway Twp.
  • Susan Baldosaro, Hamilton Twp
  • Linda Kent, Estell Manor
  • Trica Mento, Hammonton
  • Elizabeth Provenzano, Linwood
  • Veronica Valencia, Margate/Longport
  • Marguerite Tomasello,Mullica Twp.
  • Marilyn Dolcy, Northfield
  • Kara Jeril, Pleasantville
  • Lynn Loper, Port Republic
  • Sydney Sommers, Somers Point
  • Kathy McFadden, Ventnor

County Alliance Objectives

  1. Develop an annual County Annual Alliance Plan to allocate DEDR funds and ensure Municipal Alliance programs are consistent with the guidelines provided by the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.
  2. Develop programs and provide networking and educational opportunities for the County Alliances.
  3. Identify a network of community leaders to support, expansion, replication and development of successful community model programs throughout the County.
  4. Coordinate projects among and within municipalities to assure cost effectiveness and avoid fragmentation and duplication.
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