To provide quality training at both the in-service and recruit levels through comprehensive and innovative educational practices.
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Egg Harbor Township
New Jersey
United States
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Department of Public Safety

Police Training Center

K-9 Training Academy

German Shepherd K-9 dog on a leash sitting next to a police trainer.The Atlantic County Police Training Center conducts police canine training at the John "Sonny" Burke Police K-9 Academy. The K-9 Academy has been training patrol and scent detection teams for over twenty-five years and is located on Carl Road, in Corbin City . The academy is accredited by the US Police Canine Association as a regional training site. The lead instructor is K-9 Instructor Joe Nicholas. Courses of instruction are as follows:

  • K-9 Patrol Dog School - This is a 16 week course covering all aspects of the patrol dog/handler team instruction. Subject matter includes obedience, agility, criminal apprehension, scent work and socialization. No fee in county, out of county $500.00.
  • Scent Detection Schools - Separate 10 week courses in narcotics, explosive and arson detection. No fee in county, out of county $500.00.
  • In-service training and reevaluations are also offered for established K-9 teams

Theses courses are not scheduled at this time, please check back.

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