Ensures that Atlantic County continues to grow in an orderly and planned way while maintaining the County's unique quality of life.
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Department of Regional Planning and Development

Site Plan and Subdivision Review

The Atlantic County Development Review Committee (DRC) exists within the department and as a subcommittee of the County's Planning Advisory Board, pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40: 27-6.8.

County Planning Boards, including Atlantic County, have the authority to review two broad categories of development review applications, site plans and subdivisions. N.J.S.A. 40: 27 - 6.2 gives County planning boards power to review and act on all subdivisions including minor subdivisions (those containing five or less lots). Thus, a subdivision of any size located anywhere within the boundaries of Atlantic County is subject to planning board review.

With respect to site plan applications, N.J.S.A. 40: 27 - 6.2 permits planning boards to review and either approve or disapprove site plans which are along a County road or which affect County drainage. In general, multi-family structures containing less than five units are exempt from this type of review unless off-street parking is requested or required, or if the proposed development will produce runoff in excess of County standards. Also, individual single-family residential dwellings are excluded from County review and approval.

Access the Atlantic County Land Development Standards adopted May 2020. Land Development Standards

Solid Waste Management: Pursuant to the Solid Waste Management Act, Atlantic County is required to formulate and adopt a Solid Waste Management Plan. The Plan addresses issues surrounding the generation, collection, transportation,disposal and recycling of solid waste for the County of Atlantic. Implementation of solid waste recycling programs is carried out by the Atlantic County Utilities Authority.

The Atlantic County Solid Waste Advisory Council (SWAC) was created within the department to assist the County in the development and implementation of the Solid Waste Management Plan. The SWAC meets regularly to discuss any and all matters related to solid waste management. As an advisory board, SWAC makes recommendations to the Board of Chosen Freeholders concerning proposed amendments to the Solid Waste Management Plan.

Wastewater Management Planning: In 1989, Atlantic County accepted the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection designation as the Areawide Water Quality Management Planning Agency for Atlantic County. As a result, Atlantic County prepared and adopted the 208 Water Quality Management Plan which addresses a wide range of water quality issues involving point and non-point sources of pollution. In 2008, revisions to the Water Quality Management Plan Administration Codes were adopted by the State of New Jersey.  The Department of Planning prepared a waste water service area map which as adopted on November 6, 2013 and serves as the guide to exisitng and potential upland areas to be served by sewer.

Atlantic County DRAFT Sewer Service Area maps.

Economic and Demographic Information: The Atlantic County Department of Planning serves as the New Jersey State Data Center Affiliate for Atlantic County. As such, all census and related materials are forwarded to our office for dissemination to the public. Staff routinely answers requests for population, housing and income data as well as data for a number of other census profiles available for Atlantic County and the twenty-three municipalities.

Capital Road and Bridge Improvements: As part of the County's ongoing transportation planning efforts, the Department of Planning produces the Annual Transportation Program (ATP) and Highway Improvement Program (HIP). This is the County's multi-year capital program for road and bridge improvements. These programs incorporate funding from Federal, State, County and private sectors.

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