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New York Avenue Bridge Replacement

Atlantic County Installs Precast Concrete Bridge and Wingwalls for New York Avenue Bridge Replacement in Hamilton Township

New pre-fabricated bridge sections and wingwalls were delivered to the New York Avenue Bridge (HML-66) project site and installed on Thursday, November 18, 2021.  Five bridge units were fabricated in the fabricator’s shop and delivered to the bridge site for installation.  Each of the bridge units was picked up from the flatbed truck and mounted in place at the set locations laid out by the contractor.  Joints between the units were finished off with a soil-tight joint sealing material and joint wrap.  The four wingwalls located at each corner of the bridge were then installed in a similar fashion.  The seamless operation, as seen on the video, is a result of the skill and coordination among the county’s designers, bridge fabricator, and contractor.  The bridge is scheduled to reopen to traffic before the end of the year.

New York Avenue Bridge Replacement in Hamilton Township Part 1

New York Avenue Bridge Replacement in Hamilton Township Part 2

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