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Mays Landing
New Jersey
United States
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Department of Public Works

Division of Parks and Recreation

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Wild and Scenic Access for Small Vessels

A Tributary of Lake Lenape with Forest Cover

Kayak, Canoe and Small Vessel Owners

A recreational opportunity is being offered by the Atlantic County Division of Parks and Recreation. You can travel the wild & scenic Great Egg Harbor River with greater ease of access. For a fee of $5.00 (county code 97: 5-4) you may purchase a "vehicle access permit." This permit gives you access to three additional points of entry: One along the Egg Harbor River, one within our Lake Lenape property, and a third in Estell Manor Park along South River. The first entry/removal site is located on a level sandy beach approximately 250 yards north of campsite 18 on the western shore of the lake. This point is excellent for avoiding strong head winds and boat traffic one may encounter on the south end of the lake. No trailers or articulating devices permitted. The second location is Camp Acagisca, a half way point between Weymouth Furnace and Lake Lenape. This site is good for vessel entry or removal. Vessel must be carried from the hilltop parking area to the river. Vessels must be contained in the access vehicle; no trailers or articulating devices permitted. The third entry point is river access at the end of Artesian Well Road in Estell Manor Park. Vehicles with trailers are permitted but must be parked in the trailer lot approximately 150 yards west of the access along Artesian Well Road.

Permits can be obtained one of two ways. You can visit the Lake Lenape Boathouse located at 6303 Old Harding Highway or follow the link below to purchase the permit online.Be sure to have a description of the vehicle, license plate number(s) of the vehicle you will be using. The permit is valid from the time purchased until December 31 of the year acquired.

In Person:
Lake Lenape Boathouse

6303 Old Harding Hwy
Mays Landing, NJ 08330
Phone: 609-625-8219
Now also On-line!
Starting October 1st
Get Started Now

Vehicle Access Permit Procedure

Now that you have a permit, please follow these procedures:

  • Vehicle access permits must be visible through the windshield while in use;
  • Park Rangers will routinely patrol these access areas throughout the day, at dusk and before securing the area for the evening. Please plan your trip so that you may exit before dusk.

Description of Lake Lenape Access:

  • Enter the park and proceed straight back to the "Y" in the road and bear left past the brown "vehicle access route" sign.
  • Obeying all signs, follow the brown "vehicle access route" signs to the closed gate at campsite 18. This gate will be clipped closed on most occasions, continue through and close behind your vehicle.
  • Proceed straight until you reach the parking area and launch site. Do not block the road, or the gate. Transport your vessel and gear to the Lake by hand.


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