The Atlantic County Park System offers a wide variety of recreational and leisure pursuits at its seventeen parks and facilities.
109 State Highway 50
Mays Landing
New Jersey
United States
+1 (609) 645-5831
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Department of Public Works

Division of Parks and Recreation

Park Hours
7:30AM till
½ hour after sunset

Homeowners Firewood Program

General Information

This program has been reopened. Permits will be issued for the October 2022 - March 2023 season.

The Homeowners Firewood Program will help to provide Atlantic County and other local residents with an inexpensive source of wood to augment their firewood supplies. The firewood program runs annually from October 1st until March 31st.

Obtaining Permits

  1. The cost of the permit for cutting firewood is $25 per “vehicle load”. There is a non-refundable $5 process fee that is included in the cost. Permits must be completed prior to cutting firewood :
    In Person:
    Lake Lenape Boathouse

    6303 Old Harding Hwy
    Mays Landing, NJ 08330
    Phone: 609-625-8219
    Now also On-line!
    Starting October 1st
    Get Started Now
  2. A "vehicle load" is any vehicle, trailer, or combination of the two that is holding (1) ton of firewood; this may include, but not limited to, the following items:

    Vehicle Load Type

    Number of trips per Permit

    Truck or Van


    Trailers up to 10’


    Truck/Van & Trailer


    Small Dump Trucks/Stake Bodies


  3. Cut areas will be assigned upon obtaining your permit. Only dead, fallen trees are eligible to be harvested.
  4. Fallen Tree Cutting Only Firewood Permits are not transferable. Permits are valid only for the specific day listed on the permit. No rain dates.
  5. No Permits will be issued if there is snow or ice cover in the Park’s.
  6. If wood supply allows, there may be an opportunity to obtain up to a maximum of (3) permits per individual, annually. For example, (3) permits between October-December and (3) permits between January-March.

Chain Saw Safety

Operating a chain saw is inherently hazardous. Potential injuries can be minimized by using proper personal protective equipment and safe operating procedures.

Before Starting a Chain Saw

  • Check controls, chain tension, and all bolts and handles to ensure that they are functioning properly and that they are adjusted according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Make sure that the chain is always sharp and the lubrication reservoir is full.
  • Start the saw on the ground or on another firm support. Drop starting is never allowed.
  • Start the saw at least 10 feet from the fueling area, with the chain's brake engaged.

Fueling a Chain Saw

  • Use approved containers for transporting fuel to the saw.
  • Dispense fuel at least 10 feet away from any sources of ignition when performing construction activities. No smoking during fueling.
  • Use a funnel or a flexible hose when pouring fuel into the saw.
  • Never attempt to fuel a running or HOT saw.


  • Clear away dirt, debris, small tree limbs and rocks from the saw's chain path. Look for nails, spikes or other metal in the tree before cutting.
  • Shut off the saw or engage its chain brake when carrying the saw on rough or uneven terrain.
  • Keep your hands on the saw's handles, and maintain secure footing while operating the saw.
  • Proper personal protective equipment must be worn when operating the saw, which includes hand, foot, leg, eye, face, hearing and head protection.
  • Do not wear loose-fitting clothing.
  • Be careful that the trunk or tree limbs will not bind against the saw.
  • Watch for branches under tension, they may spring out when cut.
  • Gasoline-powered chain saws must be equipped with a protective device that minimizes chain saw kickback.
  • Be cautious of saw kick-back. To avoid kick-back, do not saw with the tip. If equipped, keep tip guard in place.

For more complete information:
U.S. Department of Labor (800) 321-OSHA

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