Responsible for coordinating responses to natural disasters, technological emergencies and severe weather emergencies in Atlantic County.
5033 English Creek Avenue
Egg Harbor Township
New Jersey
United States
+1 (609) 407-6742

Department of Public Safety

Office of Emergency Preparedness

Office of Emergency Preparedness


A variety of classes are offered through the Professional Delelopment program.

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FEMA Independent Study Program:

IS-700 National Incident Management System (NIMS), An Introduction

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Application Procedures

Applications are accepted online, by mail, or fax. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Early application is recommended. Application to a course does not guarantee acceptance. Students are selected based on class size and will be notified three to four weeks prior to the start of the class.

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Email Notifications of Courses

Along with your on-line Application, you can register to be added to our email mailing list and receive notification as new courses are added to the schedule and other special announcements from our office. 

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Course Confirmations & Cancellations

Each student will receive a notification regarding acceptance into a course. The student must call the Atlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness Operations/Training office at (609) 407-6701 to confirm their attendance OR confirm on-line by logging in to the Student Confirmation Page (click here to go there now) by the deadline indicated in the notification letter or email. A waiting list will be generated for all courses that exceed the number of students allowed in the course. Please be courteous to your colleagues on the waiting list. If you know that attendance at a course is not possible, notify the Atlantic County Office of Emergency Preparedness Operations/Training office at (609) 407-6701 immediately upon receiving your acceptance letter so that someone else can take your place. Failure to make notification or continuous "no shows" will jeopardize enrollment in future courses.

Location of Courses

Classes will either be held at the Anthony "Tony" Canale Training Center or at locations throughout the county. We ask that at any training site location you respect the rules of the "host" location regarding parking, smoking, food in classrooms, etc. We also ask that cellular phones, and other radio and paging devices be placed on silent or turned off in class.  Click here to view/print directions to the Anthony "Tony" Canale Training Center.

Agency Training Officer

If your agency has multiple students registered with our On-Line Campus and you are the designated training officer for your agency, you can be registered as a training officer.  You will have access to register agency students for classes, print their Student Transcripts and monitor progress.  To become a registered training officer contact Karen Koptic, Atlantic County Office of Emergency Management (609) 407-6742 or E-Mail:

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