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Monday, November 7, 2022

Atlantic County Superintendent of Elections Applauds Dedicated Election Workers and Reminds Voters: See Something, Say Something

With polls open in New Jersey from 6 am to 8 pm tomorrow, Atlantic County Superintendent of Elections Maureen Bugdon reminds voters to appreciate the hard work and long hours of election teams in the field and workplaces. 

“Whether you’re voting Tuesday, calling the election hotline (609) 645-5885 with questions, challenging for a candidate or awaiting election results in the evening, please be mindful of the increased workload and responsibilities faced by the county’s election workforce,” stated Bugdon.

Atlantic County’s election offices include the Board of Elections, the County Clerk and the Superintendent of Elections, along with each municipal clerk who also serves as a local election official.

“With nine additional election days due to early voting, plus Election Day, the Mail-in-Ballot, Provisional and Cure processes, bipartisan teams face long hours away from their families.  Add to this, threats against election officials occurring across the country, and elections really have become a patriot’s job,” she continued. 

Election officials are trained in best practices including deescalating techniques, cyber security awareness and emergency response, among other training more specific to the voting experience.  Bugdon remains cautiously optimistic there will be no threats in South Jersey on Election Day, however, she reminds residents and voters of the mantra, “See something, say something.”  Reports of intimidation, threats, electioneering, disenfranchisement, etc. should be reported immediately.

“Residents can call our office at (609) 645-5882 and we will respond or escalate the call to law enforcement,” said Audrey Miles, Deputy Superintendent of Elections.  “If something more physical or concerning occurs, please call 911 and alert the local police.  Your safety and the safety of our voters and workers is of paramount importance.”

Atlantic County has an unprecedented four-election cycle between October and December of 2022 that includes the Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District Special Election (Oct. 6), the Buena Vista Township Special Fire Election (Oct. 25), the General Election (Nov. 8) and the Folsom Special School Election scheduled for December 13. 

For more information, please call (609) 645-5882. 




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