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Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Help Manage Back to School Issues with Family Crisis Intervention

Schools are open and families are adjusting to new school schedules, teachers, assignments, activities and more which can lead to added challenges for both children and parents.

Families who are experiencing serious difficulties in managing the behavior of children 10-17 years old for whom they are responsible can seek assistance through the Atlantic County Juvenile/Family Crisis Intervention Unit (FCIU).

FCIU is a legally mandated program that is available 24-hours to intercede in family conflicts and help strengthen the family unit. Its services include short-term crisis stabilization, family assessment, case management, treatment planning and referrals to appropriate community-based services.
With the easing of many COVID-19 restrictions, FCIU is now available to meet in-person by appointment with youth and/or their families in its Northfield office, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM – 5 PM. Appointments can also be conducted by phone or as a virtual meeting to help de-escalate and resolve family conflicts.
For further assistance, please call (609) 645-5861. You may also send an email to: or send a Fax to: (609) 594-3752. Referral forms are available online at:




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