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Sunday, April 5, 2020

24 More Residents Test Positive for COVID-19; No Additional Deaths

Twenty-four more cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed as of Sunday morning, April 5, according to the Atlantic County Division of Public Health. This brings the total number of residents who have tested positive for the illness to 127 countywide. At this time there has been one death related to COVID-19.

The cases reported today included 16 males, ages 19-79 and eight females, ages 39-78.

“We need everyone to do their part by staying home as much as possible and being vigilant about practicing social distancing,” stated County Executive Dennis Levinson. “This is not a drill; COVID-19 is here and according to the Centers for Disease Control we are now in the acceleration phase of the pandemic with nearly 240,000 cases throughout all 50 states and 5,443 lives lost.”

The CDC has issued new guidance regarding face coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Simple cloth coverings including scarves and bandanas worn in public settings where other social distancing measures may be difficult to maintain may help prevent the release of any virus-laden particles into the air. But health officials also caution that such coverings should not provide a false sense of security. Keeping a safe distance from others is still the best defense.

There is currently no vaccine or treatment for this virus. Those who experience mild or moderate symptoms such as fever, cough, aches and pains, are advised to stay at home, self-isolate and monitor their symptoms. Most recover within two or more weeks. Individuals with more severe symptoms including fever, cough and shortness of breath, and who may have underlying health conditions including heart or lung disease, diabetes or a compromised immune system, should contact their medical provider.

Those who are concerned they may be experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 may use the Symptom Checker available on to help make decisions about appropriate medical care.

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