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Friday, February 1, 2019

Women Help Lead Atlantic County

Atlantic County recently made history with the selection of Amy Gatto and Maureen Kern to lead the Atlantic County Board of Freeholders as chairwoman and vice chairwoman, respectively. But as County Executive Dennis Levinson points out, Atlantic County’s commitment to women in leadership is nothing new.

“Atlantic County has long practiced promoting from within and placing the most qualified individuals in leadership positions. Our county workforce includes a majority of women, which is reflected in our management team. No other county in New Jersey, and perhaps the country, can boast a greater commitment to women in leadership,” he stated.

According to Levinson, there have been false accusations and misinformation on this subject with regard to a recent gender discrimination lawsuit filed against the county.

“These inaccuracies should not go unanswered,” said Levinson. “I urge concerned citizens to look at our record. I think they will be quickly reassured and also impressed.”

Women currently hold numerous top tier positions including: county treasurer, human services department head, administrative services department head, budget and purchasing director, nursing home administrator, county adjuster, workforce development board director, library director, welfare director, public information officer, animal shelter manager, health benefits manager, among others.

“We are very proud of the women who have attained success through their hard work and dedication. Their achievements are recognized and applauded and serve to inspire others,” he added.

“Atlantic County is an equal opportunity employer and one that values the tremendous contributions of the women we employee.”



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