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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

NARTP Contracts with New Jersey Innovation Institute for Management and Consulting Services

The National Aviation Research and Technology Park (NARTP) has finalized a contract with the New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) to advance, strengthen and facilitate the development of the NARTP.

NJII will leverage its association with government, academia, and industry to further research opportunities at the NARTP and to foster development of an Aviation Innovation Hub in Atlantic County.

A corporation of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJII will provide the NARTP with access to world-class intellectual and technological resources that will extend beyond the NARTP and augment Atlantic County’s economic development efforts. It will also develop and strengthen regional relationships between the NARTP, the Federal Aviation Administration William J. Hughes Technical Center, the Atlantic City International Airport and military installations such as Joint Base MDL, as well as other state and regional economic development organizations such as the Atlantic County Economic Alliance.

“NJII is very pleased to be partnering with Atlantic County and providing management services to the NARTP. Collaboration is an exciting vehicle for a magnified outcome. We expect our partnership to yield great results in the area of economic development for the county as we launch Southern Jersey as an innovation hub for aviation,” said Ian Trammell, Regional Director for NJII.

The NJII will also focus on advancing FAA aviation-related commercial activity, provide expertise in defense and Homeland Security aviation issues.

One of NJII’s short term goals is to develop a consortium model for the NARTP that will bring together research universities, research institutions, government, military and private industry to promote and facilitate aviation related research.

NJII will also plan and coordinate Innovation Challenges. These are global calls to action aimed at accelerating research, development, and demonstration in technology areas such as aviation. The objective of these challenges is to identify a significant aviation related problem and encourage collaborative efforts to develop an innovative solution.

Other NJII tasks under the contract include facilitating Smart Airport/Smart Infrastructure projects and developing Aviation STEM initiatives with local high schools.

“As we complete the first building of the NARTP, the agreement with NJII will help take us to the next level by providing us with a relationship with a world class research organization. The NJII team will provide the expertise to develop the NARTP’s mission of becoming a leading center for research, innovation and commercialization of emerging aviation technologies,” said NARTP President and Board Chairman Edward Salmon.

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson said the county made a significant investment in development of the NARTP because of the clear and compelling need to broaden and diversify the regional economy and that aviation offered significant opportunities.

“The agreement with NJII will assure the success of our efforts,” Levinson said. “We look forward to working with NJII as a partner in both development of the NARTP and our economic development initiatives.”

The contract between the NARTP and NJII is for one year with an option to renew.


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