CMS provides mediation services to disputing parties involved in a variety of neighborhood, business, and community conflicts.  Typical problems may involve barking dog complaints, contract disputes, business/patron complaints, minor assaults, harassment, etc


What is mediation?
Mediation is a process where two or more disputing parties discuss their viewpoints face-to-face in the presence of a mediator.  The outcome of a successful mediation is a written agreement.

What is the mediator’s job?
Mediators help disputing parties reach an agreement amicable to all involved.

How does one become a CMS mediator?

  • All interested parties must fill out a volunteer mediator application. You can do so on-line here or by downloading a PDF version of the application and mailing it to the address provided.
  • The interested party will then be called in to meet with the CMS Executive Director. 
  • Once accepted, all interested parties will receive 40 hours of free training. 
  • The training is held at Stockton University in Galloway, NJ.  Once the training is completed, all trained volunteers will conduct their first six mediations with one of CMS’ experienced mediators.
  • Please note that all new mediators will be subject to a criminal background check and a yearly review.

Community Mediation

Mediation services are provided to disputing parties in a variety of neighborhood, business, and community conflicts.

Family Mediation

Mediation services for parents with a custody issue are available to assist with child custody visitation agreements.

Truancy Mediation

Currently, CMS has Truancy Programs implemented in the Pleasantville School Systems.  The purpose of this mediation is to work with parents and students to determine what can be done to resolve matters preventing the student from attending school and/or arriving on time.

Volunteer Mediator Training

Community Mediation Services will offer a free 40 hour mediation training for anyone interested in becoming a volunteer mediator for Community Mediation Services. 

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