Services and Programs

CMS provides mediation services to disputing parties involved in a variety of neighborhood, business, and community conflicts.  Typical problems may involve barking dog complaints, contract disputes, business/patron complaints, minor assaults, harassment, etc



Community Mediation

Mediation services are provided to disputing parties in a variety of neighborhood, business, and community conflicts.




Family Mediation

Family Mediation applies the principles of traditional mediation to resolve issues that arise in families. Family Mediation is similar to Community Mediation, where a CMS mediator assists disputing parties to reach an agreement by facilitating discussions and guidance towards congenial decision making. A CMS mediator is a neutral third party that promotes peaceful discussion and negotiation to settle conflicts, encourage sound decision-making, and mutually accepted agreements. CMS Family mediation does not legally represent or counsel any of the parties involved during the mediation process.




Truancy Mediation

Currently, CMS has Truancy Programs implemented in local School Systems.  The purpose of this mediation is to work with parents and students to determine what can be done to resolve matters preventing the student from attending school and/or arriving on time.



The overall mission of truancy mediation is to reduce the frequency of absenteeism and truancy in schools by creating a partnership with truant student, their parent(s) and the school and to avoid the necessity of parents appearing in municipal court with the potential of paying a fine as a means of resolving truancy.

Truancy Mediation is a process in which the student and his or her parent and/or guardian meet with a mediator and the lead attendance or truancy officer in a private setting at the Public Safety Building. The purpose of the mediation is to review and confirm the student's attendance status and determine what can be done to resolve matters that prevent the student from attending school and/or arriving to school on time.

Signing an agreement at mediation stating what action will be taken to eliminate the truancy problem will prevent the matter from going before a municipal court judge. However, if a student continues to have a truancy problem, the matter will be listed before a judge and fines may be imposed.