The Division of Intergenerational Services serves the needs of families, youth, disabled individuals and senior citizens. Caring professionals are available to provide assessment, guidance, counseling, and information and referral. Individual case management insures a personal connection with our residents to insure that their needs are met.
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Developmental Milesstones

What to look for in a child's development.

Concerned about a child's development?
"My child is eight months old and not sitting up yet"
"My son isn't talking and he's already two ... what should I do?"

The following is a partial list of developmental milestones. For a complete list or if you have questions regarding your child's development, consult your pediatrician or the Special Child Health Services in the Division of Intergenerational Services.

Birth to six months

  • responds to sounds
  • looks at faces
  • reaches for objects
  • sits with some support

Six to twelve months

  • sits independently
  • crawls and begins to pull to stand
  • responds to name
  • babbles, says "dada" or "mama"

Twelve to eighteen months

  • walks five steps without falling
  • begins using words
  • points or gestures to show wants
  • builds tower using three cubes

Eighteen to twenty-four months

  • uses two word sentences
  • points to three body parts
  • sits in chair without falling
  • refers to self by name

Twenty-four to thirty-six months

  • jumps with feet together
  • imitates drawing lines and circles
  • completes simple puzzles
  • follow two step directions
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