History of Atlantic County
1333 Atlantic Avenue, 8th Floor
Atlantic City
New Jersey
United States
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In the 17th century an Englishman, Daniel Smith, purchased the land which later became Smith's Landing. In the early days, the area was also known as Risleytown, Adamstown, and Lakestown - all named for early settlers.

The town began along Old Shore Road where originally a stage coach route from Port Republic to the Somers Point Ferry ran. The first road was built in 1716 but was rerouted due to the swampy marshland. The first school, the Shore Road School was started in 1800. Originally a part of Egg Harbor Township, the area became a borough in 1888 and in January of 1889, the first town council meeting was held.

Daniel Lake had a store across from Daniel Ingersoll, the wheelwright. One day, Mr. Lake wanted a sign for his store so he went to the wheelwright. As legend goes, Mr. Ingersoll said "I'll give you the board if you paint the sign". He did. The sign read: "Lake's Store, Pleasantville, New Jersey". The name held.

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