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    Health Topics - Swimming

    The Atlantic County Division of Public Health inspects all public recreational bathing places at least twice each swimming season to ensure compliance with state healthy and safety standards.

    Competitive swimmer entering ocean splashes of water splashing all around them.

    The Division of Public Health, in cooperation with the Atlantic City Health Department, also tests ocean water quality in the Atlantic County communities of Brigantine, Atlantic City, Ventnor, Margate and Longport. Visit the Ocean Water Quality page, or call 1-800-633-SWIM. Water quality information is also posted on the back of lifeguard stations and stands. Information is updated weekly, or more frequently as needed.

    Learn More

    To learn more about safe places for swimming, visit these resource pages:

    CDC’s Healthy Swimming Site – This site has important information from the Centers for Disease Control on preventing recreational water illnesses.

    Ocean Water Quality ยป Information on the safety of ocean water in your area

    Lifeguard Training from the American Red Cross – Find out about training schedules and fees from the Atlantic Cumberland Chapter of the American Red Cross.

    Swimming Pool Chemical Safety – Important information from the Atlantic County Division of Public Health on using and storing pool chemicals.

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