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    Health Topics - Mold

    Mold in closetMolds are fungi and occur naturally in the environment. Molds can cause health problems such as nose and throat irritation or allergic reactions in some individuals. However, it is not clear how much mold is needed to cause these problems.

    There are no federal or state standards or guidelines regulating the presence of mold in homes or other buildings, but there are steps that you can take to control it:

    1. Don't allow water to collect in places like shower stalls, crawl spaces,
      basements or any areas with chronic moisture. Repair broken pipes and leaking faucets. Eliminate water/moisture on pipes and wall surfaces that produce condensation.
    2. Clean mold with bleach and water immediately.
    3. Change air filters regularly to ensure air circulation.
    4. Use dehumidifiers.

    Mold spores in microscopeThe County Division of Health will respond to complaints about severe mold in rental units and in common areas of condominium complexes. To speak with a County Public Health professional about mold problems, call (609) 645-5971, extension 4372. The State Health Department and Environmental Protection Agency have excellent guides about mold control available to New Jersey residents. To view, click on the links below.

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