Responsible for coordinating responses to natural disasters, technological emergencies and severe weather emergencies in Atlantic County.
5033 English Creek Avenue
Egg Harbor Township
New Jersey
United States
+1 (609) 407-6742

Department of Public Safety

Office of Emergency Preparedness

2016 Plan Update Final

The 2015 Plan Update Approved Feb. 2016

Executive Summary

Sectionb 1. Introduction

Section 2. Identification of Potential Hazards

Section 3. Risk Assessment

A. Hazard Profiles

3B and 3C - Vulnerability Assessment

3D - Risk Assessment:  Existing Land Uses and Future Develoment Trends in Hazard Areas

3E - Conclusions on Hazard Risk

Section 4. Capabilities and Resources

Section 5. Mitigation Goals

Section 6.  Mitigation Strategies

Section 7. Plan Maintenance and Integration

Section 8.  For More Information


Appendix 1.1 – Statements of Authority to Participate

Appendix 1.2 – Worksheets: Municipal Annexes

Appendix 1.3 – Meeting Materials

Appendix 1.4 – County Press Releases and Articles in Local News Media

Appendix 1.5 – Jurisdictional Website Coverage of the Plan

Appendix 1.6 – Natural Hazards Survey Results

Appendix 1.7 – Comments on the September 2015 Draft Plan

Appendix 2.1 – Hazard Descriptions

Appendix 3c.1 – Assets in Hazard Areas

Appendix 3c.2 – Historic in Hazard Areas

Appendix 3d.1 – Atlantic County Demographics

Appendix 3e.1 – Hazard Rankings and Key Risk Findings

Appendix 4.1 – Legal and Regulatory Tool Descriptions

Appendix 4.2 – State Resources

Appendix 4.3 – Federal Resources

Appendix 6.1 – Atlantic County Sandy Letters of Intent


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