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NJ SNAP (Food Stamps)

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (NJ SNAP) - Formerly Food Stamps


P-EBT has been federally extended through September 30, 2021. At this time only benefits for the month of September 2020 have been issued. DHS is developing plans for continued P-EBT issuance for October 2020 through September 2021 under the new P-EBT eligibility criteria. Please continue to check back for updates.

P-EBT benefits for the month of September in the 2020-2021 school year continue to be issued7 for students who were eligible for free- or reduced-price school meals as of June 2020 and are currently attending schools with a remote learning schedule of at least 5 consecutive days. This benefit is not available for students whose school is conducting classes in-person or a hybrid of in-person and remote.  

If you were eligible for free-or reduced-price school meals as of June 2020 and your child was remote for at least 5 consecutive days in September but you have not received a September 2020-2021 P-EBT benefit, you should contact your school to confirm the address they provided. If the address is correct or you have your mail forwarded, please wait for the card to come in the mail. If the address is incorrect, please do not fill out the contact us form, but instead call your local county board of social services for a replacement card.  See FAQs for more information about your benefits.

Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021

On Sunday December 27th the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 was signed into law.  This law included a 15% increase in SNAP benefits to be provided from January 2021 - June 2021.  Additionally, New Jersey has received approval to issue the emergency allotments to provide each household with the maximum SNAP allotment for the month of January.

To account for both of these matters, the DFD-OIS will be modifying the COVID supplemental process to include the increase to the maximum benefit tables (see updated table below).  Every household will receive a supplemental issuance with the supplemental process that will run this week.  Households that were already receiving the maximum monthly benefit will receive a supplement to cover the 15% benefit increase (e.g. a one person household was receiving $204 will be provided with a $30 supplement), and all other households will receive a supplement to cover the difference between what they were scheduled to receive and the new max allotment.  

The new federal law also includes changes to the eligibility for college students.  More information will be forthcoming on the college student eligibility provisions in the near future.

New Jersey has also been granted extensions to the following COVID waivers to continue these flexibilities through January 2021.

  • Telephone signatures;
  • Claims/delinquencies; and 
  • Suspending collections via TOP.

Maximum Monthly Allotments
January 1,2021 through June 30, 2021

Household Size Maximum SNAP Allotment
1 $234
2 $430
3 $616
4 $782
5 $929
6 $1,114
7 $1,232
8 $1,408
Each Additional Person $176

Applying for SNAP

During this public health crisis, we have made the application process for SNAP food assistance simpler by removing some parts in the process. For example, a hard copy signature for your application and an interview are no longer required to apply for SNAP during this emergency.

You can apply online at or if you do not have a computer, you can apply by phone by calling your local board of social services. You can also download the application and mail it into the local board of social services. Through a new online tool, available on NJOneApp, SNAP applicants can upload the documentation needed for applications electronically instead of mailing or dropping off documents to the county offices. 

Phone Interviews are being waived and Information Packets are being mailed.

SNAP Recertification Extension

If your case is due to be recertified in March, April, May, June, July, August, September, or October and you are unable to get your paperwork in or complete your interview, your case will not be closed. You will receive your benefits on the usual day. Your case has been granted a six-month extension from the date your recertification is due. More information will follow on your new recertification date. In the meantime, you will continue to receive SNAP benefits.

Phone Interviews are being waived and Information Packets are being mailed.

Maximum SNAP Allotments will vary on a month to month bases.

SNAP Work Activities

During the current public health crisis, your case will not be closed if you are unable to participate in a work activity.

Extra SNAP Benefit

Eligible SNAP recipients will receive an extra SNAP benefit. The amount you receive is the difference between your regular SNAP benefit and the maximum benefit for your family size. If you already SNAP recipients will receive the maximum SNAP allotment for their household size in October. The amount you receive is the difference between your regular SNAP benefit and the maximum benefit for your family size. If you already receive the maximum benefit, you will not be eligible for this extra benefit.

For example, for a family of one, the maximum benefit is $204 per month. If your regular monthly benefit is $16, your extra benefit would be $188. This extra benefit will be added directly to your Families First EBT card along with your regular monthly benefit.

People in Household

Maximum Monthly Allotment

















Each additional person


Remember, this is an extra SNAP benefit being made available to help you buy food in this public health crisis. 

If you want to check your balance before you go to the grocery store, please visit where you can view your current card balance and transaction history, or at some ATMs. You also can call customer service at 1-800-997-3333, however, they may be experiencing higher call volumes, so please be patient. Please do not check your balance at the grocery store where cashiers may be very busy.

Online Grocery Shopping

New Jerseyans enrolled in SNAP may use their Families First EBT card to purchase eligible groceries online through Amazon, Walmart, ShopRite, and The Fresh Grocer. Under federal rules, SNAP benefits cannot be used to pay for delivery fees. Recipients can register their EBT card with Amazon at To learn more about their SNAP programs, visit WalmartShoprite, or The Fresh Grocer.

Extra Benefits for Children

Special Pandemic-EBT (P-EBT) benefits provided to children who normally receive free or reduced-price school meals.  For the 2019-2020 school year, benefits have been sent to eligible families. Families received up to $416.10 for each eligible student for nutritional support during the time that schools moved to remote learning during the pandemic.

For the 2020-2021 school year, P-EBT benefits in the amount of $99.62 per eligible child are being issued for students receiving free- or reduced-price school meals and are attending schools with a remote learning schedule of at least 5 consecutive days. (This benefit is not available for students whose school are conducting classes in person or a hybrid of in-person and remote that don't meet that definition.)

No application is necessary. The majority of P-EBT eligible families participating in SNAP will received their benefit on their household's existing Families First. All other P-EBT eligible households were mailed a P-EBT card. More information is available on the P-EBT page.

For EBT & P-EBT Benefit replacement cards contact 609.348.3001 Ext. 2699.

SNAPIncreases food purchasing power of TANF (PA) and non-TANF (NPA) households.

This service provides assistance with food by issuing food stamps to eligible, low-income individuals and families. These stamps can be used as cash to buy food at food stores. The amount of food stamps issued depends on the income and circumstances of the family. Applications for food stamps should now be completed online at If you are unable to do so, please call.  Click here for library locations and hours.
PHONE (609) 343-2351.

SNAP Resources from the US Department of Agriculture

USDA Nondiscrimination Statement

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