Atlantic County Department of Family and Community Development is an umbrella organization dedicated to the well being of all citizens of the county.
1333 Atlantic Avenue
Atlantic City
New Jersey
United States
+1 (609) 348-3001

Department of Family and Community Development

Atlantic County Continuum of Care

The Atlantic County Homeless Consortium (ACHC), a group of public and private non-profit agencies which oversee the homeless service activities for Atlantic County. ACHC coordinates the implementation of a housing and service system that meets the needs of persons experiencing homelessness throughout its geography.

The Homeless Prevention and Response System encompasses:

  1. Outreach, engagement, and assessment
  2. Shelter, housing, and supportive services; and
  3. Homelessness prevention and diversion strategies
  4. Funding for homeless services and housing

Below are documents related to the FY2023 HUD Continuum of Care Competition:

  1. Funding Priorities
  2. Local Selection Policy
  3. Atlantic CoC Consolidated Application (Final)
  4. Atlantic CoC Priority Listing (Final)


Atlantic County Homeless Consortium Meeting Schedules

2023 Executive Board Meeting Schedule

2023 Full Board Meeting Schedule

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