The Division of Facilities Management is a full service maintenance operation responsible for county buildings, building construction, renovation and repair along with the Supported Work Program.
1227 Drexel Avenue
Atlantic City
New Jersey
United States
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Department of Public Works

Division of Facilities Management

Supported Work Program


Atlantic County Supported Work provides a highly structured transitional work experience coupled with training in basic life skills and job search techniques to assist individuals with significant barriers to private sector employment.
The Supported Work experience has demonstrated that basic life skills, sound work habits and a positive attitude are best acquired within an actual work environment. This work environment provides close supervision, peer group support and graduated stress. Private sector employment and job retention are essential goals of Supported Work.

Targeted Populations

The populations targeted by Supported Work include ex-offenders, recovering substance abusers, school dropouts and persons receiving public assistance who may have limited education and work experience.

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