The Atlantic County Environmental Health Unit is responsible for investigating and monitoring environmental health concerns in all Atlantic County municipalities except for Atlantic City.
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Smoke-Free Air Act Initiative

Effective April 15, 2006, indoor public places and workplaces across the State were made smoke free. New Jersey's Smoke-Free Air Act went into effect to ensure workers have a safe workplace and that all non-smokers, including children and senior citizens, can breathe smoke-free air in the public places they visit. In 2010, the Smoke Free Air Act was amended to include electronic smoking devices such as E-cigarettes (also known as personal vaporizers, electronic nicotine delivery systems, etc.). The law affects the following types of indoor public places and workplaces: - Any enclosed location at which a person performs any service or labor - Restaurants and bars - Public transportation systems - Child care centers - Health care facilities, patient waiting rooms and nursing homes - Sports facilities including racetracks and bowling alleys - Theatres, clubs, concert halls, public libraries, museums, art galleries - Shopping malls and retail stores - Parking facilities, lobbies, elevators - Lodging - hotels, motels, etc. (smoking is allowed in up to 20% of guest rooms) - Bingo facilities The Atlantic County Division of Public Health is ready to assist the public and business owners alike in providing information, education and enforcement of this law. A printed version of the Smoke-Free Air Act, brochures, signs and other information about the law is available at the following link:


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