The Atlantic County Environmental Health Unit is responsible for investigating and monitoring environmental health concerns in all Atlantic County municipalities except for Atlantic City.
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New Jersey
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Environmental Health

Food Vendors/Special Events

The Atlantic County Division of Public Health requires all mobile retail food vendors to submit an application to this department prior to participating in a special/temporary event or vending in any municipality within the County (except Atlantic City). A "Mobile Retail Food Establishment" means any movable restaurant, truck, van, trailer, cart, bicycle, watercraft, or other movable unit including hand carried, portable containers in or on which food or beverage is transported, stored, or prepared for retail sale or given away at temporary locations. If you have not submitted an application to this Department for the current year: - Fill out and submit a "Mobile Retail Food Establishment Application" for review and approval If you are a Mobile Retail Food Establishment that has already been approved to operate within this County for the current year and plan on participating in a special event: - Fill out and submit a "Mobile Retail Food Application - Amendment" prior to the event. If you have already received a license or "approval to operate" in Vineland City or Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem Counties: - Submit a copy of the original application and a "Mobile Retail Food Establishment - Amendment" If you are an event coordinator/sponsor: - Fill out and submit "Temporary Event/Farm Market Coordinator" application at least 14 days prior to the event If you have any questions, please contact Jill Miles at the Atlantic County Division of Public Health at 609-645-5971 extension 4367 or Mark Vetter at 609-645-5971 extension 4382.

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