The Office on Disability plans, develops, and works in coordination with the various supportive services for people with disabilities.
101 S. Shore Road, Shoreview Building
New Jersey
United States
+1-888-426-9243 - In-County +1 (609) 645-5965 - Out-of-County

Department of Human Services

Division of Intergenerational Services

Office on Disability

Disability Advisory Board

Office on Disability
Intergenerational Services
Shoreview Building
101 South Shore Road
Northfield, NJ 08225

The function of the Disability Advisory Board is to advise and consult with the Office of Intergenerational Services with matters relating to citizens with disabilities in Atlantic County. Members should have knowledge and experience related to issues relevant to people with disabilities. Knowledge/experience with ADA important.

MEETINGS: The Disability Advisory Board typically meets on the second Tuesday of the month (approx. 7 times per year) at 12:30 pm at the Galloway Library.

Total Number of Members Allowed: 9

Number of Vacancies:  2 *

3-year terms, term expires October 1

Chairperson: Anthony A. Lanzilotti

Staff Person:  Alyson Bakley
Phone: (609) 645-7700, ext. 4386
NJ Relay Services 1-800-852-7899


Joanne Gahr
Jesse Kurtz
Ryan  Penn
Trinna L. Rodgers, Esq.
Doortje M. Schipper
Chee Ka Wu

Board Meeting Documents

3/12/2019  Agenda       Minutes

4/9/2019  Agenda       Minutes

5/14/2019  Agenda       Minutes       Other

6/11/2019  Minutes       Agenda

9/10/2019  Minutes

11/12/2019  Agenda       Minutes

3/10/2020  Agenda       Minutes


5/19/2020  Other

6/4/2020  Minutes       Agenda

9/8/2020  Agenda       Minutes

11/10/2020  Agenda       Minutes

3/9/2021  Minutes       Agenda

4/13/2021  Agenda       Minutes

5/11/2021  Agenda       Minutes

6/8/2021  Agenda       Other       Minutes

9/14/2021  Agenda       Minutes       Other

3/8/2022  Agenda       Minutes

Board Documents

2022 DAB Meeting List

*Most advisory boards are open to Atlantic County residents.  If you are interested in volunteering to serve on this or any other Board or Commission please CLICK HERE for an application.

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