The Board of Elections is the only bipartisan entity involved in the oversight and ballot processing of Atlantic County elections.
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Department of Administration

Board of Elections

Board of Elections

The Board of Elections is the only bipartisan entity involved in the oversight and ballot processing of Atlantic County elections.  It works in conjunction with the other two election offices - the Superintendent of Elections and the County Clerk.  The board is a quasi state agency funded by the county. It is comprised of 4 commissioners appointed by the Governor who serve staggering two-year terms.  There are two Republican Commissioners and two Democratic Commissioners, as mandated by Title 19. 

The Atlantic County Board of Elections works in conjunction with a variety of local, county, state and federal offices and agencies to carry out its statutory, election responsibilities.  The Board of Elections acts to uphold and protect the integrity of every election and every vote in order to help ensure smooth, efficient and accurate elections.

The board members include: 

Evelynn “Lynn” Caterson, Chairperson (R)
John W. Mooney, Secretary (D)
Mary Jo Couts, Commissioner (R)
Creed S. Pogue, Commissioner (D)

Board Meetings

Next Meeting Date:  3/12/2024 at 5:30 PM

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The administrative staff consists of:

Bill Sacchinelli, Supervising Clerk, Board of Elections (D)

Jenna Baruffi, Supervising Clerk, Board of Electionss (R)

Melissa Martino, Principal Clerk, Board of Elections (R)

Melissa Baez, Principal Clerk, Board of Elections (D)

The responsibilities of the Board of Elections include:

  • Canvassing and counting all paper ballots including Mail In Ballots, Provisional Ballots and Military or Overseas Ballots.
  • Acting as the appointing authority responsible for the hiring of all staff to run the day-to-day operations of the office of the Board of Elections.
  • Redistricting Election Districts, when appropriate, and filing maps & the legal boundary descriptions of the election districts with the Secretary of State.
  • Certifying polling places and inspecting polling places for accessibility and compliance with the American Disabilities Act.
  • Recruiting, training, and appointing sufficient number of poll workers to each polling district and supervising them on Election Day.
  • Verifying the eligibility of submitted names to serve as Challengers and issuing valid challenger permits and badges.
  • Holding regularly scheduled public meetings, sitting in session for elections and holding special meetings, as needed.
  • Certifying election results as the Board of Canvassers with the County Clerk  
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