The Gerard L. Gormley Justice Facility or Atlantic County Jail currently houses an average 1,000 inmates with custody jurisdiction over an additional 250 inmates who are sentenced to various community programs
5060 Atlantic Ave
Mays Landing
New Jersey
United States
+1 (609) 645-5855 +1 (609) 909-7600

Department of Public Safety

Division of Adult Detention

Inmate Visitation Scheduling


No more than two adults and two children may visit an inmate at one time.

Inmates are permitted one visitation per day.

Inmates housed in our HSS area will only receive one visit per weekend. 

Inmates that require Isolation/Quarantine shall be ineligible for visitation until medically cleared.

Adult visitors will need to provide a valid government ID (examples: driver’s license, military ID or any other government issued ID with photo, name, address and date of birth.)

All visitors need to be on the "Approved Visitor List".

Visitors need to sign up on line 48 hours prior to the inmate's scheduled day. The visitors need to be present and checked in 15 min prior to the visit starting time. The Justice Facility is not accepting any (in person) money towards inmate funds at this time.

Schedule a Visit

To begin, select the area of the jail in which the inmate is currently housed:


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