The mission of Atlantic County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs is to develop countywide programs and promote public interest in local and county history, in the arts, and in the cultural traditions of the community.
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General Information and Registration

Festival Schedule (Updated 4/26)


  1. SCHOOL REGISTRATION-DUE MARCH 2, 2018: Each school must complete a registration and pay the Festival registration fee. Download registration for more information.
  2. HOMESCHOOLED and/or INDIVIDUAL STUDENT REGISTRATION-DUE MARCH 2, 2018: Students must register and pay a $15 registration fee. Individual students may be registered by a parent or private teacher. Download registration for more information.
  3. DISCIPLINE-SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS-DUE MARCH 9, 2018: See links below for discipline-specific applications, release forms and multiple performance/discipline forms.

ART SUBMISSIONS: Art will be accepted from 9am-6pm on Monday, April 23 and Tuesday, April 24 at Kramer Hall/Stockton University at 30 Front Street. Wiring and tagging instructions are included with the Visual Arts Application packet. Information regarding the new art pick up process will be provided during the intake days.

ART PICK UP (PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN PROCESS). Works selected to be included in the Stockton University Selected Works Exhibit and/or the New Jersey State Teen Arts Festival will be tagged prior to the Festival. Students/teachers are to take all other works prior to their departure from the festival. For works that may be difficult to transport that day (e.g. large sculptures, etc.), please make arrangements during intake on Monday or Tuesday.

CREATIVE WRITING SUBMISSIONS: Please follow instructions included with the Creative Writing Guidelines/Application. All work is sent out to professionals in the field for review; their comments will be provided at "feedback sessions" scheduled during the Festival.

FILM MAKING SUBMISSIONS: Please follow instructions included with the Film Making Guidelines/Application. All work is sent out to professionals in the field for review; their comments will be provided at "feedback sessions" scheduled during the Festival.

NOMINATIONS TO STATE FESTIVAL: Reviewers will select individuals or groups that they feel are particularly strong in talent and preparation. These will be invited to perform, exhibit etc. at the State Festival. These invitations will come from the Atlantic County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs. Any teen may participate in the State Festival (attending and taking workshops and master classes) but only those officially invited are eligible to be placed on the performance or exhibit schedule at the State Festival. (May 30, 31 and June 1, 2018)

DAY-OF GUIDELINES: Download the Festival Guidelines pdf for more information. This form must be signed and returned prior to the event.

Discipline-Specific Applications:
PROVIDE ALL REQUESTED INFORMATION – Please complete the discipline-specific applications when you are certain of all the details of your entry. The forms are specific to each art discipline. Select the appropriate form and follow any instructions and include additional pages if needed. In a drive to eliminate paper waste, only ONE DISCIPLINE-SPECIFIC APPLICATION should be filled out PER DISCIPLINE PER SCHOOL. The maximum number of entries is included on each application. If more than one teacher is submitting, we ask that they work together and submit one form. Depending on space on the form, please either list students on the form or on a separate page.

Each and every participant must be included in registration:  We need to have each and every participant registered. For performances with two or more students, a separate page is required listing their names, ages and grades. All the students names, ages, grades, instruments if appropriate, must also be provided at the time you apply. For visual art teachers, please use the Master Sheet included in the Visual Arts application packet to provide the complete list of students’ names, ages, grades, titles, media, and size of artwork before registering.

NOTE – A contact email address is needed on all applications. All contact and confirmation will take place via email. All registration forms MUST indicate a contact email address.

Confirmation of registration – We will email the teacher, parent or adult contact the confirmation of the registration.

For questions about registration: Contact Kimberly Brown at 609-646-8699 x6314 or email:



Please copy to desktop and the document will work best if opened in either ACROBAT READER or PRO. The PDF was saved in a way to allow you to fill in the form and ‘Save As’ with entries intact.

All forms are new this year. Each sponsoring teacher is required to fill out and sign the Festival Guidelines and return with the discipline-specific application. In addition, the Multiple Performance form allows us, at a quick glance, to determine students presenting in more than one discipline. This will help us with the scheduling process. We have done away with individual application forms for each student, but are requiring signed Release Forms. Please contact Kimberly Brown if your school has something comparable that could be used in place of the Release Form. If the school’s form is deemed acceptable, we will only need copies of those forms.




Mail or hand-deliver to: Atlantic County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs, 40 Farragut Avenue, Mays Landing NJ 08330
Email: – please put Teen Arts Application in subject line.
Fax: 609-625-5908 (Important: please watch for emailed confirmation of receipt – the machine has been known to jam with excessive activity – email if you have not received a confirmation)

Fee for individual participant:  $15.00 each. This fee must accompany the registration form.  Checks are to be made payable to Atlantic County Library Foundation.

Fee for schools: $5.00 per student participant. A check, invoice, or purchase order should accompany the registration form. If invoiced, payment must be received no later than June 15, 2018. Checks are to be made payable to Atlantic County Library Foundation.  NOTE: School participants will not be considered registered nor will they be entered into the schedule until this Office has received the school invoice at a minimum.

The Atlantic County Teen Arts Festival is a collaborative arts education opportunity that has been provided to young people in Atlantic County and environs by the Atlantic County Office of Cultural & Heritage Affairs for more than 25 years. Funding has been provided in part by the NJ State Council on the Arts/Dept. of State, a partner agency of the National Endowment for the Arts.

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