The Gerard L. Gormley Justice Facility or Atlantic County Jail currently houses an average 1,000 inmates with custody jurisdiction over an additional 250 inmates who are sentenced to various community programs
5060 Atlantic Ave
Mays Landing
New Jersey
United States
+1 (609) 645-5855 +1 (609) 909-7600

Department of Public Safety

Division of Adult Detention

Community Release Programs

Work Release

Work Release permits inmate participants to leave the facility and work or study in the community. The operating parameters of Work Release are clearly delineated in N.J.S.A. 10A:31-25. Eligibility criteria is incorporated in 10A:31-25.6. Inmates approved for participation in Work Release are permitted to leave the facility to attend work, educational opportunities, or care for their families. All inmates are provided pre - approved and verified schedules, work or study sites, and transportation to and from the facility. The inmates employer must agree to allow the inmate to participate, and the employment must meet State standards. If either of these two conditions are not met, the employment is disallowed and the inmate will be sent out on public service work assignments until approved employment is obtained. Verification Patrol Officers periodically check work or study sites to insure program compliance.

Home Electronic Detention

The basic concept of the Home Detention program is that an electronic monitoring device is attached to the inmate and monitoring equipment is installed in the inmate's home. The inmate is then housed in their home. The monitoring device is equipped with an anti - tampering fail safe device and the monitoring equipment is connected via telephone to the central monitoring station at the facility. If the inmate leaves home without permission or attempts to remove or otherwise circumvent the attached transmitting device, the central monitoring station is automatically alerted. Inmates are allowed to go to work, school, and other specified locations on a pre - approved basis. Transportation is also on a pre - approved basis, as is the route in which the inmate is allowed to take. This program also has the selected feature of monitoring the inmate for alcohol or breathalyzer test. This is done by a device which is connected to the equipment in the home. At random intervals when the inmate is home, an audible signal is sounded and the inmate must take the test. A series of pre - established words are repeated by the inmate, and the inmate will blow air into this unit when instructed. The inmates breath is then electronically checked for alcohol content, and delivered to the central monitoring station. Mobile verification equipment and Verification Patrol Officers insure participants are actually at the approved locations when they are outside of their homes. Home Electronic Detention System or HEDS program permits a wider level of freedom than Work Release and enables the inmate to begin their reintegration into the community. The philosophy of "ZERO TOLERANCE" is adopted by this program and stringently enforced. This is the first complete step back into the community, and no inappropriate behavior is tolerated.

Day Reporting

The Day Reporting Program Phase allows inmates to live at home without electronic monitoring, and report to the Day Reporting Program Office at the Main Jail Annex of the Atlantic County Justice Facility two or more days per week and move about the community without first obtaining permission.. While in the Day Reporting Program, the inmate participates in various public service work details. An inmate is directly sentenced by the courts to this program. Qualifying non profit organizations or municipalities may use Day Reporting (DRP) inmates for approved public service assignments. The persons supervising the inmates are orientated / instructed on how to do so. This supervision is exclusive of and independent of the field verification officers who randomly check the inmates while they are within the community.

The DRP inmate reports to the facility as directed or scheduled. An average DRP inmate reports to the facility at 7:00 AM, two consecutive days a week. These days are selected during orientation into the program. Employed inmates are given preference for scheduling to match their days off.

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